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ENTR 2200 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business
(3.0 cr; fall, spring, summer, every year)
Entrepreneurship/economy. Traits/skills of entrepreneurs, opportunities in entrepreneurship, legal forms of business establishment, self-analysis/fitness for entrepreneurship.

ENTR 3150 - Entrepreneurial Marketing
(3.0 cr; Prereq-2200, MKTG 3300; fall, even academic years)
Marketing strategies/tactics in start-up/small venture settings. Development of resource-constrained market plans.

ENTR 3190 - Topics in Entrepreneurship
(3.0 cr [max 6.0 cr]; spring, odd academic years)
May include varied emerging topics in entrepreneurship.

ENTR 3200 - Business Planning
(3.0 cr; =[00892]; Prereq-2200, ACCT 2101; fall, odd academic years)
Business start-up/development phase. Planning related to opportunity recognition, product development, marketing, financing. Students research/write basic business plan.

ENTR 3400 - Entrepreneurial and Small Business Finance
(3.0 cr; Prereq-2200, ACCT 2101, [ACCT 2102 or instructor consent]; spring, even academic years)
Start-up/expansion financing alternatives, requirements for economic development groups. SBA loan guarantees, venture capitalists, small business valuation techniques, financial management practices.

ENTR 4200 - Field Studies in Entrepreneurship and Small Business
(3.0 cr; Prereq-3200, 3400; fall, odd academic years)
Consult with local small business or entrepreneurs to solve problems or capitalize on new opportunities. Guest speakers provide insight on philosophies/practices.

ENTR 4800 - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Strategies
(3.0 cr; =[MGMT 4800]; Prereq-3200, 3400; spring, every year)
Capstone course. Prepare/present comprehensive business plan for entrepreneurial venture, including comprehensive financials, marketing plan, business formation/management plan, growth strategy.


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