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EQSC 1000 - Light Horse Driving
(2.0 cr; spring, every year)
Types of driving vehicles and harness, including fine harness, heavy harness, and competitive driving. Hitching/driving the fine harness horse. Techniques for training the fine harness horse to drive. Negotiating obstacles while driving.

EQSC 1002 - Equine Careers and Husbandry Practices
(1.0 cr; fall, every year)
Technical knowledge and practical experience needed for where students want to be in that industry.

EQSC 1100 - Western Equitation
(3.0 cr; fall, spring, every year)
Grooming, handling, safety, identification of equipment, saddling, mounting, correct body position (equitation), cues and their proper use, various riding techniques. Focus on developing proper equitation skills and techniques for riding and showing.

EQSC 1200 - Hunt Seat & Dressage Equitation
(3.0 cr; fall, spring, every year)
Developing hunt seat skills and techniques, including how to ride a course of jumps. "Centered riding" techniques. Basic dressage maneuvers and riding lower-level dressage tests.

EQSC 1202 - Equine Evaluation
(2.0 cr; spring, every year)
Conformation, breed characteristics, and type and their importance in evaluation. Performance evaluation, criteria, and scoring methods. Preparation and delivery of oral reasons.

EQSC 1300 - Saddle Seat Equitation
(2.0 cr; Prereq-1100 or 1200 or instructor consent; fall, every year)
Saddling, mounting, seat/hands, other saddle seat techniques. Developing equitation skills for saddle seat riding/showing.

EQSC 1803 - Directed Studies
(1.0 - 3.0 cr [max 6.0 cr]; Prereq-Instructor consent; fall, spring, summer, every year)
Current topics not covered in regularly offered courses.

EQSC 2001 - Concepts in Dressage Equitation
(3.0 cr [max 6.0 cr]; Prereq-1200 or instructor consent; spring, every year)
Developing a balanced, classical seat for riding. Dressage techniques, riding a test, collection, advanced maneuvers. Refining skills to develop a supple, obedient horse.

EQSC 2102 - Horse Production
(4.0 cr; Prereq-AnSc 1004; fall, every year)
Fundamentals of horse care. Equine nutrition, behavior, diseases. Hoof care. First aid, health care, disease prevention. Parasites.

EQSC 2112 - Riding Instructor Training
(3.0 cr; Prereq-Any two of [1100 or 1200 or 1300]; fall, spring, every year)
Formulating lesson plans. Teaching methods for individuals or group. Safety, insurance, liability, management. Student's teaching methods are evaluated.

EQSC 2202 - Advanced Equine Evaluation
(1.0 cr [max 3.0 cr]; Prereq-1202 or instructor consent; fall, every year)
Advanced equine evaluation techniques. Judging of halter/performance events. Preparation/delivery of oral reasons.

EQSC 3305 - Equine Reproductive Techniques
(3.0 cr; Prereq-2102, AnSc 3203, 3304 or instructor consent; spring, every year)
Breeding management practices/techniques. Gestation, fetal development, endocrinology, estrus manipulation, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, cooled and cryopreservation of semen, teasing, and foaling. Lab emphasizes skills required in equine industry. Lecture emphasizes reproductive theory.

EQSC 3403 - Equine Exercise Physiology
(3.0 cr; Prereq-AnSc 3203, EqSc 2102; spring, every year)
Skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, and regulatory systems of the horse. Effect of work-related stress (mental and physical) using physiological measures and how the systems relate to one another; how various types of conditioning can affect the systems separately and as a whole.

EQSC 3413 - Horse Training and Showing
(3.0 cr [max 6.0 cr]; Prereq-6 crs of equitation courses [from 1100, 1200, 1300, 3441, 3442, 3443], [3412 or concurrent enrollment in 3412]; fall, spring, every year)
Work with untrained young horse or older show horse to correct problems or maintain the horse.

EQSC 3441 - Topics in Advanced Western Equitation
(3.0 cr; Prereq-1100 or instructor consent; spring, every year)
Experience in reining maneuvers. Students refine skills.

EQSC 3443 - Topics in Advanced Equitation Over Fences
(3.0 cr; Prereq-1200 or instructor consent; fall, every year)
Experience in riding more challenging course of jumps.

EQSC 3804 - Individual Studies
(1.0 - 3.0 cr [max 6.0 cr]; Prereq-Jr, instructor consent; fall, spring, summer, every year)
Topic related to student's major not covered in regularly offered courses.

EQSC 4102 - Equine Management
(3.0 cr; Prereq-Econ 1101; spring, every year)
Fundamentals of horse management. Record keeping (traditional, computer based). Marketing, sales techniques. Legal aspects (e.g., contracts, zoning, liability, insurance). Management project that involves establishing, maintaining, improving an equine business.


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