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Agriculture and Natural Resources
HORT 1010 - Introduction to Horticulture
(3.0 cr; fall, spring, every year)
Environmental considerations, planting, propagation, pruning, and protection of horticultural crops. Greenhouse/field experience.

HORT 1021 - Woody Plant Materials
(4.0 cr; Prereq-1010 or instructor consent; A-F or Aud, fall, every year)
Identification, ecology, and use of deciduous and evergreen trees, shrubs, and vines.

HORT 1025 - Introduction to Arboriculture
(2.0 cr; fall, every year)
Applications in arboriculture. Tree biology, tree/soil/water relations, planting, pruning, worker safety, trees/urban interfaces, electrical hazards, plant health care, golf course tree maintenance. Climbing/felling techniques.

HORT 1091 - Indoor Flowering and Foliage Plants
(2.0 cr; fall, odd academic years)
Identification, culture, and propagation of foliage plants used in interior decoration.

HORT 1092 - Floral Design
(2.0 cr; spring, every year)
Principles for design related to floral arrangement, identification, use, and care of cut flowers common to florist industry.

HORT 1803 - Directed Studies
(1.0 - 3.0 cr [max 6.0 cr]; fall, spring, every year)
Topics not covered in regularly offered courses.

HORT 3025 - Applications in Arboriculture
(3.0 cr; Prereq-1025; fall, every year)
Application of knowledge/techniques learned in introduction course. Students perform climbing, tree pruning, rigging applications, and tree felling. Safe work practices. Advanced pruning, fruit tree care. Disease/pest identification/management, cabling/bracing, lightning protection.

HORT 3030 - Landscape Design
(4.0 cr; Prereq-1021; A-F only, spring, every year)
Application of aesthetic, environmental, and functional design principles to creative planning/development of residential/commercial landscapes. Emphasizes low impact and sustainability.

HORT 3031 - Herbaceous Perennial Plant Materials
(2.0 cr; fall, odd academic years)
Identification, classification, ecology, and landscape uses of perennial flowers, bulbs, ground covers, and wildflowers.

HORT 3033 - Commercial Floriculture Crops-Fall
(4.0 cr; Prereq-1010; fall, every year)
Identification and culture of holiday pot plants and major cut flower crops. Soil preparation, artificial mixes, soil testing, applying soil test results; greenhouse pests, life cycle, control and management.

HORT 3034 - Commercial Floriculture Crops-Spring
(4.0 cr; Prereq-1010; spring, every year)
Fundamentals of greenhouse structure and management. Heating and cooling requirements, lighting photoperiod control, soil sterilization, production of winter grown greenhouse crops such as mums, azaleas, cineraria. Identification and culture of annual bedding plants. Wholesale production, use of annual flowers in residential and commercial landscape design.

HORT 3036 - Plant Propagation
(4.0 cr; Prereq-1010, Biol 2022; spring, every year)
Plant propagation techniques for the commercial and home propagator. Mist system construction and operation. Propagation of plants by tissue culture, seed, cutting, layering, grafting, and division.

HORT 3040 - Landscape Installation and Maintenance
(3.0 cr; fall, every year)
Applied horticulture practices in planting landscape materials, installing hardscapes, and maintaining residential/commercial landscapes. Proper use/maintenance of equipment. Emphasizes environmental/sustainability considerations.

HORT 3045 - Urban Forestry Planning and Management
(3.0 cr; Prereq-3025; spring, every year)
Tree management for municipal forester. Tree planning/planting for city streets. Right of way pruning, management techniques, electrical hazard awareness, risk assessment/removals. Research papers, group exercises.

HORT 3090 - Advanced Landscape Design
(3.0 cr; Prereq-3030; fall, every year)
Application of aesthetic, environmental, functional design principles to creative planning/development of commercial, interior, parklands, residential landscapes. Create computer generated designs using Auto CAD, SketchUp/other current design programs.

HORT 3093 - Advanced Floral Design and Florist Operations
(2.0 cr; Prereq-1092; fall, even academic years)
Advanced floral design. Management/business issues unique to floral industry.

HORT 3804 - Individual Studies
(1.0 - 3.0 cr [max 6.0 cr]; fall, spring, every year)
Topics related to student's major not covered in regularly offered courses.


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