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Math, Science and Technology
SE 1500 - Discrete Structures I
(3.0 cr; fall, every year)
Foundations of discrete mathematics as they apply to software engineering. Functions, relations, sets, simple proof techniques, boolean algebra, propositional logic, digital logic, elementary number theory, fundamentals of counting.

SE 1600 - Discrete Structures II
(3.0 cr; Prereq-1500; spring, every year)
Predicate logic, recurrence relations, graphs, trees, matrices, computational complexity, elementary compatibility, discrete probability.

SE 1803 - Directed Studies
(1.0 - 3.0 cr [max 6.0 cr]; Prereq-Instructor consent; fall, spring, summer, every year)
Current topics not covered in regularly offered courses.

SE 2050 - Introduction to Programming I
(3.0 cr; Prereq-MATH 1031 or 2 yrs high school algebra or ACT score of 20; fall, every year)
Structured/object oriented programming with current industry accepted languages. Data, selection, and iteration structures. Input/output operations, class definitions, interfaces, exception handling, inheritance, composition, polymorphism.

SE 2070 - Introduction to Programming II
(3.0 cr; Prereq-2050; spring, every year)
Java programming language and development process. Objects, classes, packages, applets.

SE 2090 - Data Structures and Algorithms
(3.0 cr; Prereq-2070; fall, every year)
Recursion, underlying philosophy of object-oriented programming. Fundamental data structures (including stacks, queues, linked lists, hash tables, trees, graphs). Algorithmic analysis. Principles of language translation.

SE 2100 - Microcomputer Systems Architecture
(3.0 cr; fall, every year)
Computer organization/machine architecture. Overview of computer system organization. Digital logic level, register level, operating system program interface. May use assembly language of an available machine for programming assignments.

SE 2200 - Introduction to Software Engineering
(3.0 cr; Prereq-2050; fall, every year)
Software development methodologies. Emphasizes object-oriented methodologies. Risk analysis, testing techniques/strategies, project management, architectural/user interface design, technical metrics for software.

SE 2300 - Software Construction
(3.0 cr; Prereq-2200; fall, every year)
Low-level software design issues, including formal approaches.

SE 2400 - Software Engineering Approach to Human Computer Interaction
(3.0 cr; fall, every year)
Topics relating to designing/evaluating user interfaces. Psychological background needed to understand people.

SE 3050 - Database Management Systems
(3.0 cr; Prereq-2050; A-F or Aud, fall, spring, summer, every year)
Database design management/implementation. Data modeling, normalization, relational algebra, SQL, Procedural SQL, physical database design, distributed databases. Use of common DBMSs and modeling tools.

SE 3060 - Data Warehousing and Mining
(3.0 cr; Prereq-3050, MATH 1150; spring, every year)
How data warehousing/mining fits in decision support systems. Data warehouse planning, design, implementation on enterprise DBMS. Data mining techniques/algorithms. Application of data mining software.

SE 3145 - XML
(3.0 cr; Prereq-2070, 3050; fall, spring, every year)
Create well-formed XML documents, enforce rules through document type definitions/schemas, manipulate XML documents through document object model. Simple API for XML. Complementary technologies, including XSL, CSLT, XPath, XLink, HTML, and CSS.

SE 3200 - Software Design and Architecture
(3.0 cr; Prereq-2200; fall, every year)
Formal methods of software analysis/design. Requirement analysis, definition. Specification, including formal methods, prototyping. Design, including object/function oriented design.

SE 3300 - Software Quality Assurance and Testing
(3.0 cr; Prereq-2200; spring, every year)
Software quality assurance. Reviews/inspections, testing, formal verification methods, process management/improvement, defect prevention.

SE 3400 - Software Requirements Analysis
(3.0 cr; Prereq-2200; spring, every year)
Discovering/eliciting requirements, languages and models for representing requirements, analysis/validation techniques, specifying/measuring external qualities, requirements in agile processes, requirements change management.

SE 3700 - Software Project Management
(3.0 cr; =[MGMT 4200]; Prereq-2200, Mgmt 3200; fall, spring, offered periodically)
Procedures, team leadership skills, and resource management using computer software. Application/evaluation involving identifying a project and carrying out all steps necessary to achieve satisfactory completion in a team environment.

SE 3804 - Individual Studies
(1.0 - 3.0 cr [max 6.0 cr]; Prereq-Jr, instructor consent; fall, spring, summer, every year)
Topic related to student's major not covered in regularly offered courses.

SE 3820 - Gaming: Real-Time Systems
(3.0 cr; Prereq-3050, Math 1272, Phys 1102; spring, every year)
Mathematical foundations/modeling techniques, mapping, anti-aliasing, real-time rendering, binary space partition trees, object control issues.

SE 3900 - Internship
(3.0 cr [max 6.0 cr]; Prereq-Instructor consent; fall, spring, summer, every year)
Identify employment opportunities in field.

SE 3994 - Undergraduate Research
(1.0 - 3.0 cr [max 6.0 cr]; Prereq-Instructor consent; fall, spring, summer, every year)
Advanced independent work in special fields.

SE 4100 - Introduction to 3D Simulation Programming
(3.0 cr; Prereq-2090; fall, spring, every year)
Java/OpenGL (JOGL) to introduce basic concepts of 3D simulation programming and theory. Matrices/transformations, primitive construction, texture mapping, basic user interaction, animation.

SE 4110 - Simulation and Game Development
(3.0 cr; fall, spring, every year)
Building simulations/developing games involving 3D modeling/animations. Advanced Programming, 3D Graphics Programming/Immersive Visualization, Interactive Architectures, Simulations.

SE 4500 - Senior Project I
(3.0 cr; Prereq-Instructor consent; fall, every year)
Individual project/research course. Pursue projects or research (applied in nature) with faculty adviser, within area of specialization.

SE 4510 - Senior Project II
(3.0 cr; Prereq-4500; spring, every year)
Second of a full year, individual project/research course. Students pursue projects or research (applied in nature), with a faculty adviser, within their area of specialization.


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