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Agriculture and Natural Resources
SWM 3009 - Hydrology and Water Quality
(4.0 cr; Prereq-Chem 1001, Math 1031, Soil 1293, jr, or instructor consent; spring, every year)
Principles/theory of surface/ground water quality, including but not limited to water budget, hydrologic cycle, water quantities, Darcy's Law, water quality units and flow rates, hydraulic conductivity/permeability, and laboratory tests for and maintenance of water quality.

SWM 3103 - Meteorology and Climatology
(3.0 cr; Prereq-PHYS 1012; A-F or Aud, spring, every year)
Fundamentals of weather/climate. Energy balance, weather chart analysis, composition/circulation patterns of atmosphere, climates of continents.

SWM 3224 - Soil and Water Conservation
(4.0 cr; Prereq-Soil 1293, jr, or instructor consent; fall, every year)
Management principles and practices used to increase productivity and conserve soil and water resources for agronomic crops. Maintaining wildland and environmental quality through use of shelterbelts.

SWM 3225 - Watershed Management
(3.0 cr; fall, every year)
Precipitation, infiltration, evapo-transpiration, runoff from small watersheds. Application to design of structures, water/wind erosion practices. Design principles/techniques in constructing small impoundments and waste holding facilities, and in restoring wetlands. Selecting/applying irrigation/drainage systems.


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