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Construction Management B.A.Sc.

CCE Applied Professional Studies
College of Continuing Education
  • Program Type: Baccalaureate
  • Requirements for this program are current for Spring 2012
  • Required credits to graduate with this degree: 120
  • Required credits within the major: 51
  • Degree: Bachelor of Applied Science
Construction management transforms project design and its engineering requirements into a physical structure, focusing on management and business skills needed to deliver high quality construction results on time and within budget. The major offers experience and education leading directly to a professional management career in high demand areas in the construction industry, including residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, highway/heavy and process systems sectors. The construction management major is offered in close collaboration with the Minnesota construction industry.
Program Delivery
This program is available:
  • via classroom (the majority of instruction is face-to-face)
Admission Requirements
Students must complete 45 credits before admission to the program.
A GPA above 2.0 is preferred for the following:
  • 2.50 transferring from another University of Minnesota college
  • 2.50 transferring from outside the University
Students who have 30 transferable semester credits, preferred minimum 2.50 GPA, and a strong interest in the major may be admitted to pre-major status. Each application for admission is individually reviewed in a holistic context.
For information about University of Minnesota admission requirements, visit the Office of Admissions website.
Required prerequisites
MATH 1142 - Short Calculus [MATH] (4.0 cr)
or MATH 1271 - Calculus I [MATH] (4.0 cr)
PHYS 1101W - Introductory College Physics I [PHYS, WI] (4.0 cr)
or PHYS 1107 - Introductory Physics Online I (4.0 cr)
or PHYS 1301W - Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering I [PHYS, WI] (4.0 cr)
Building Construction Plan Reading
CMGT 3011 - Construction Plan Reading (2.0 cr)
General Requirements
All students are required to complete general University and college requirements including writing and liberal education courses. For more information about University-wide requirements, see the liberal education requirements. Required courses for the major or minor in which a student receives a D grade (with or without plus or minus) do not count toward the major or minor (including transfer courses).
Program Requirements
Preparatory Courses
One course in arts, humanities or literature.
ACCT 2050 - Introduction to Financial Reporting (4.0 cr)
CMGT 2019 - AutoCAD for Construction Managers (2.0 cr)
CMGT 3001 - Introduction to Construction (3.0 cr)
English Composition
WRIT 1301 - University Writing (4.0 cr)
or WRIT 1401 - Writing and Academic Inquiry (4.0 cr)
Technical Writing
ABUS 4023W - Communicating for Results [WI] (3.0 cr)
or WRIT 3562W - Technical and Professional Writing [WI] (4.0 cr)
or WRIT 3001 - Introduction to Technical Writing and Communication (3.0 cr)
or WRIT 3152W - Writing on Issues of Science and Technology [WI] (4.0 cr)
or PHYS 1101W - Introductory College Physics I [PHYS, WI] (4.0 cr)
or PHYS 1301W - Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering I [PHYS, WI] (4.0 cr)
Oral Communication
COMM 1101 - Introduction to Public Speaking [CIV] (3.0 cr)
or COMM 3402 - Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (3.0 cr)
or PSTL 1461 - Multicultural Perspectives in Public Speaking [CIV] (3.0 cr)
or WRIT 3257 - Technical and Professional Presentations (3.0 cr)
or COMM 3411 - Introduction to Small Group Communication (3.0 cr)
or COMM 1313W - Analysis of Argument [WI] (3.0 cr)
Psychology or Sociology
PSTL 1211 - Sociological Perspectives: A Multicultural America [SOCS, DSJ] (4.0 cr)
or PSTL 1281 - Principles of Psychology [SOCS] (4.0 cr)
or PSY 1001 - Introduction to Psychology [SOCS] (4.0 cr)
or SOC 1001 - Introduction to Sociology [SOCS, DSJ] (4.0 cr)
APEC 1101 - Principles of Microeconomics [SOCS, GP] (4.0 cr)
or ECON 1101 - Principles of Microeconomics [SOCS, GP] (4.0 cr)
or ECON 1102 - Principles of Macroeconomics (4.0 cr)
or APEC 1102 - Principles of Macroeconomics (3.0 cr)
BBE 3101 - Introductory Statics and Structures for Construction Management (3.0 cr)
or AEM 2011 - Statics (3.0 cr)
Introduction to Management
ABUS 4022 - Management in Organizations (3.0 cr)
or MGMT 3001 - Fundamentals of Management (3.0 cr)
General Education Courses
The B.A.Sc. General Education (GE) requirement comprises 30 semester credits from four groups: written and oral communication; humanities and fine arts; history and social sciences; and math and natural sciences. At least one course must be taken from each group. Most GE credits will be satisfied by approved B.A.Sc. prerequisites and preparatory courses. Any remaining GE credits may be satisfied by any approved U of M Liberal Education course (see One Stop).
Major Core Courses
Minimum 3 credits internship experience required.
ABUS 4101 - Accounting and Finance for Managers (3.0 cr)
ABUS 4701 - Introduction to Marketing (3.0 cr)
CE 3202 - Surveying and Mapping (2.0 cr)
CMGT 4011 - Construction Documents and Contracts (3.0 cr)
CMGT 4013 {Inactive} (3.0 cr)
CMGT 4021 - Construction Planning and Scheduling (3.0 cr)
CMGT 4022 - Construction Estimating (3.0 cr)
CMGT 4031 - Construction Safety and Loss Control (3.0 cr)
CMGT 4041W - Specifications and Technical Writing for Construction Professionals [WI] (3.0 cr)
CMGT 4051 - Construction Materials for Managers (3.0 cr)
CMGT 4201 - Construction Accounting (2.0 cr)
CMGT 4471 - Sustainability for Construction Managers (2.0 cr)
CMGT 4861 - Construction Management Capstone (2.0 cr)
Satisfactory completion of a 3-credit construction management internship experience is required.
CMGT 4196 - Construction Management Internship (1.0-4.0 cr)
Technical Electives
Consult your adviser about department recommended focus areas and courses. Complete 13 credits of technical electives.
Complete 8-9 credits of department approved construction science courses.
Complete 4-5 credits of other department approved technical electives.
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