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International Studies Minor

Political Science
College of Liberal Arts
  • Program Type: Undergraduate minor related to major
  • Requirements for this program are current for Fall 2015
  • Required credits in this minor: 25
The international studies minor increases students' familiarity with their global surroundings and their understanding of important global issues and concerns. It provides them with an awareness of various aspects of international relations and an appreciation of the challenges and opportunities confronting specific world regions.
Program Delivery
This program is available:
  • via classroom (the majority of instruction is face-to-face)
Minor Requirements
Foreign language study is strongly recommended. A study abroad experience is encouraged.
Lower Division Core Requirements (13 cr)
ANTH 1604 - Cultural Anthropology [LE CAT6, LEIP CAT06, SOC SCI, GLOBAL PER] (4.0 cr)
GEOG 1202 - World Regional Geography [LE CAT8, LEIP CAT08, GLOBAL PER] (3.0 cr)
INTS 1010 - Introduction to International Studies [GLOBAL PER] (3.0 cr)
POL 1050 - International Relations [LE CAT8, LEIP CAT08, GLOBAL PER] (3.0 cr)
Upper Division Electives (12 cr)
Students propose 12 credits above the 2xxx level with no more than two courses from the same designator/subject. The courses can be chosen from the international studies major electives or study abroad coursework. Proposed electives that are not from the international studies major must be approved by the INTS director prior to the completion of the courses. Courses already completed may not be accepted. Short term study abroad programs may be applicable.
* Student proposes electives
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