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Division of Humanities
  • Program Type: Undergraduate minor related to major
  • Requirements for this program are current for Fall 2014
  • Required credits in this minor: 32
Spanish is spoken by many people--more than 28 million in the U.S., 132,000 in Minnesota, and more than 300,000,000 worldwide. With a rich and diverse history, it is also a language essential to the contemporary world of education, business, health care, international relations, and law. The Spanish discipline offers courses that emphasize the richness and diversity of Hispanic culture, and prepares students with a range of linguistic and critical skills applicable to a wide variety of potential careers or further advanced study in a range of fields. Objectives--The Spanish curriculum offers coursework in Hispanic culture, language, and literature. Courses are designed to help students develop critical insight into the philosophy and values of another culture, proficiency in a second language, and sensitivity toward literature that reflects the experience of the Spanish-speaking world. The curriculum accommodates liberal arts students interested in a cross-cultural perspective, language study, secondary school teaching, or preparation for graduate study in Spanish and related fields. STUDY ABROAD In light of today's increasingly interdependent world, the UMM Spanish faculty endorses study abroad in combination with a Spanish major or minor, as the most effective means by which to * improve language abilities * broaden academic horizons * globalize one's world view * expand career opportunities * advance cross-cultural and problem-solving skills * gain confidence in oneself personally and professionally Students not Majoring or Minoring in Spanish For an in-depth cultural emphasis, students should complete: SPAN 1001-Beginning Spanish I SPAN 1002-Beginning Spanish II or equivalent SPAN 2001-Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 2002-Intermediate Spanish II Two additional courses chosen from LAAS and/or HUM courses offered by Spanish discipline faculty. A foreign study experience is also recommended. For an in-depth language emphasis, students should complete: SPAN 1001-Beginning Spanish I SPAN 1002-Beginning Spanish II or equivalent SPAN 2001-Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 2002-Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 3011-Composition, Conversation and Culture SPAN 3012-Spanish Grammar in Practice SPAN 3111-Readings in Spanish I SPAN 3112-Readings in Spanish II A foreign study experience, special projects in language, and regular use of the Language Teaching Center are recommended to maintain language skills. ADVISING FOR THE SPANISH MINOR It is strongly recommended that students majoring or minoring in Spanish meet with a Spanish faculty member to plan for a timely and successful completion of their program, even if their primary academic adviser is in another discipline.
Program Delivery
This program is available:
  • via classroom (the majority of instruction is face-to-face)
Admission Requirements
For information about University of Minnesota admission requirements, visit the Office of Admissions website.
Required prerequisites
Beginning Spanish
Beginning Spanish I and II or equivalent previous language experience required to take Intermediate Spanish.
Minor Requirements
Students are required to take 2 semester(s) of any second language.
A foreign study experience and regular use of the Language Teaching Center are strongly recommended to maintain language skills. No grades below C- are allowed. Courses may not be taken S-N, unless offered S-N only. A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required in the minor to graduate. The GPA includes all, and only, University of Minnesota coursework. Grades of "F" are included in GPA calculation until they are replaced. Latin American Area Studies courses are also recommended as a complement to courses in the Spanish discipline.
Required Courses
SPAN 2001 - Intermediate Spanish I [IP] (4.0 cr)
SPAN 2002 - Intermediate Spanish II [IP] (4.0 cr)
SPAN 3011 - Conversation, Composition, and Culture [IP] (2.0 cr)
SPAN 3012 - Spanish Grammar in Practice [IP] (2.0 cr)
SPAN 3111 - Readings in Spanish I [HUM] (2.0 cr)
SPAN 3112 - Readings in Spanish II [HUM] (2.0 cr)
SPAN 3211 - Literature and Culture of Latin America [HUM] (4.0 cr)
SPAN 3212 - Literature and Culture of Spain [HUM] (4.0 cr)
Elective Courses
Take 8 or more credit(s) from the following:
· SPAN 3621 - Seminar: Confessions and Letters in Latin American Fiction [HUM] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3622 - Seminar: Exile and Emigration in Latin American Fiction [IP] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3623 - Seminar: Ecology and Nature in Latin American Literature [ENVT] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3651 - Seminar: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra's "El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha" [HUM] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3652 - Seminar: Literary Minorities in Early Modern Spain [HUM] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3654 - Seminar: Sex, Love, and Marriage in Golden Age Spanish Literature [HUM] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3681 - Seminar: Romanticism and Revolution in 19th-Century Spain [HUM] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3682 - Seminar: Realism and Reform in 19th-Century Spain [HUM] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3683 - Seminar: Modernity and Identity in Spain, 1900-1930 [HUM] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3684 - Seminar: Hispanic Film [HUM] (4.0 cr)
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