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Theatre Arts Minor

Division of Humanities - Adm
Division of Humanities
  • Program Type: Undergraduate minor related to major
  • Requirements for this program are current for Fall 2015
  • Required credits in this minor: 32
The discipline encompasses theatre as an artistic form and as a social and cultural institution. The study of theatre arts enables the individual to develop a creative imagination, an inquiring mind, a sense of social responsibility, professional discipline, a collaborative attitude, artistic standards and judgment, and a respect for the art form. Objectives The theatre arts curriculum is designed to ensure that students * understand the theories and process of theatrical production; * are able to apply theories and skills learned in the classroom to the practice of theatre both through discipline productions and other venues; * gain the physical and intellectual skills necessary to embody character, interpret a play, or envision the visual and aural elements of the world of the play; * are able to analyze a theatrical text so that they may in turn conceptualize and execute its design and performance; * learn to collaborate as a team in the production of theatre and, through critical thinking, learn how to solve the problems that must be addressed throughout the process; * develop competence in the technologies necessary to the design and production of theatre; * learn the historical and cultural significance of theatre and theatrical literature; * are competent in oral and written communication; and * are adequately prepared for graduate or professional school.
Program Delivery
This program is available:
  • via classroom (the majority of instruction is face-to-face)
Minor Requirements
Up to 4 credits of coursework with a grade of D or D+ may be used to meet the minor requirements if offset by an equivalent number of credits of A or B. Courses may not be taken S-N unless offered S-N only. A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required in the minor to graduate. The GPA includes all, and only, University of Minnesota coursework. Grades of "F" are included in GPA calculation until they are replaced.
Required Courses
TH 1101 - The Theatre Experience: An Introduction [FA] (4.0 cr)
TH 1111 - Fundamentals of Acting [ART/P] (4.0 cr)
TH 1301 - Fundamentals of Design [ART/P] (4.0 cr)
TH 2101 - Fundamentals of Directing [ART/P] (4.0 cr)
TH 2301 - Stagecraft [ART/P] (4.0 cr)
Elective Courses
Take 12 or more credit(s) from the following:
· TH 2111 - Creative Drama with Children [ART/P] (4.0 cr)
· TH 2201 - Voice and Movement [ART/P] (4.0 cr)
· TH 2211 - Oral Interpretation [ART/P] (4.0 cr)
· TH 2221 - Readers' Theatre [ART/P] (4.0 cr)
· TH 3001 - Theatre Scene Painting Studio [FA] (4.0 cr)
· TH 3003 - Stage Management [ART/P] (4.0 cr)
· TH 3101 - World Theatre: History and Literature I [FA] (4.0 cr)
· TH 3102 - World Theatre: History and Literature II [FA] (4.0 cr)
· TH 3301 - Stage Lighting [ART/P] (4.0 cr)
· TH 3302 - Stage Costuming [FA] (4.0 cr)
· TH 3303 - Computer-Assisted Drawing [ART/P] (4.0 cr)
· TH 3306 - Advanced Lighting and Sound Design [ART/P] (4.0 cr)
· TH 4301 - Scenic Design [FA] (4.0 cr)
· TH 3201 - Advanced Acting [ART/P] (4.0 cr)
or TH 3202 - Advanced Directing [ART/P] (4.0 cr)
Production Requirement
Three major production responsibilities (at least one of which must be in a faculty-directed production, and at least two must be completed in the junior and senior years).
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