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  • Program Type: Baccalaureate
  • Requirements for this program are current for Fall 2015
  • Required credits to graduate with this degree: 120
  • Required credits within the major: 31 to 34
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Objectives--To provide a basic introduction to the cultures and societies of Latin America, to provide the means essential to gain an understanding of Latin America and its diverse peoples, and to place Latin America in a comparative perspective. To meet these objectives, three of our core courses engage students in learning about the histories, contemporary events, and research resources on Latin America. In addition, all of our electives courses introduce students to a diversity of significant topics on Latin America, ranging from language proficiency, literature courses on Latin American cultures, issues of social justice, human rights, development, politics, economics, revolutions, and more. Our Senior Capstone course immerses students in gaining a deeper understanding of selected topics on Latin America with a comparative perspective in mind. Together, our courses engender greater comprehension of Latin America, language comprehension and communication skills, important analytical skills, greater inter-cultural sensitivity and empathy, and ability to conduct research and compose well-written research papers. Student Learning Objectives: 1. Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World through in-depth study in a particular field (Latin American countries, histories, and cultures) and engagement in big questions related to Latin America (e.g., economic and political transformations) 2. Intellectual and Practical Skills through development of research and analytic skills (course essays, LAAS 3201 Bibliographic Tools and Journals in LAAS; senior capstone course) 3. An Understanding of the Roles of Individuals in Society through gaining intercultural knowledge and competence (all courses) 4. Capacity for Integrative Learning through requirement of 20 electives credits in three different disciplines Student Learning Outcomes: 1. Ability to think critically and communicate effectively, through informed understandings of Latin America, on issues of historical, social, economic, and political processes affecting the region. 2. Ability to locate relevant research resources and apply them in conducting research on Latin America. 3. Ability to competently compare and contrast the different countries and regions of Latin America from the perspectives of its diverse human populations and societies. 4. Skills in understanding Latin America utilizing an inter-disciplinary perspective.
Program Delivery
This program is available:
  • via classroom (the majority of instruction is face-to-face)
Admission Requirements
For information about University of Minnesota admission requirements, visit the Office of Admissions website.
General Requirements
All students are required to complete general University and college requirements. For more information, see the general education requirements.
Program Requirements
Students are required to take 4 semester(s) of Spanish.
Students must enroll through the LAAS coordinator. Students are encouraged to use elective credits to acquaint themselves with as many academic fields of Latin American studies as possible. Students may have up to a two-course overlap with any other major. Additional overlap must be approved by the LAAS coordinator. No grades below C- are allowed. Courses may not be taken S-N, unless offered S-N only. A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required in the major to graduate. The GPA includes all, and only, University of Minnesota coursework. Grades of "F" are included in GPA calculation until they are replaced.
Required Courses
After enrolling in the major and when in residence, 1 credit per semester in LAAS 3100; up to 4 credits can be applied to the 20-credit elective requirement for the major. With approval of the LAAS coordinator and another faculty member, a capstone experience in a different discipline that contains primarily Latin American content may be wholly or partially substituted for LAAS 4901, but requires completion of four total credits.
HIST 1601 - Latin American History: A Basic Introduction [IP] (4.0 cr)
LAAS 3100 - Contemporary Latin America (1.0 cr)
LAAS 3201 - Bibliographical Tools and Journals in Latin American Area Studies (2.0 cr)
LAAS 4901 - Senior Capstone in Latin American Area Studies (2.0-4.0 cr)
Elective Courses
These courses must come from at least three different academic disciplines, not including LAAS. At least 4 credits of electives must be 3xxx or 4xxx level courses. Courses and directed studies not listed below may be approved by the LAAS coordinator, provided the subject matter is appropriate for the major.
Take 20 or more credit(s) from the following:
1xxx and 2xxx level electives
Take at most 16 credit(s) from the following:
· HIST 1818 - Environmental History of Latin America [IC] (2.0 cr)
· HIST 2608 - History of Cuba: From Colony to Revolutionary State [HIST] (4.0 cr)
· HIST 2609 - History of Brazil: From Sugar to Sugar Cars [HIST] (4.0 cr)
· LAAS 1993 - Directed Study (1.0-5.0 cr)
· LAAS 2993 - Directed Study (1.0-5.0 cr)
· SPAN 2121 - Associated Languages: Intensive Portuguese [IP] (4.0 cr)
· 3xxx and 4xxx level electives
Take 4 or more credit(s) from the following:
· ANTH 3502 - Latinos in the Midwest [SS] (4.0 cr)
· ANTH 3601 - Social Justice and Human Rights in Latin America [IP] (4.0 cr)
· ANTH 3602 - Women in Latin America [IP] (4.0 cr)
· ANTH 3603 - Latin American Archaeology (4.0 cr)
· ANTH 3604 - Gender and Sexuality in Latin America [IP] (4.0 cr)
· HIST 3601 - Great Books in Latin American History [IP] (4.0 cr)
· HIST 3612 - Social Revolution in 20th-Century Latin America [HIST] (4.0 cr)
· HIST 3613 - U.S.-Latin American Relations in Historical Perspective [IP] (4.0 cr)
· HIST 3614 - Race and Ethnicity in Latin America [HDIV] (4.0 cr)
· LAAS 3993 - Directed Study (1.0-5.0 cr)
· LAAS 4993 - Directed Study (1.0-5.0 cr)
· POL 3475 - International Human Rights (4.0 cr)
· POL 3504 - Latin American Politics (4.0 cr)
· PSY 3404 - Culture and Human Development [HDIV] (4.0 cr)
· SOC 3601 - Social Justice and Human Rights in Latin America [IP] (4.0 cr)
· SOC 3602 - Women in Latin America [IP] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3011 - Conversation, Composition, and Culture [IP] (2.0 cr)
· SPAN 3012 - Spanish Grammar in Practice [IP] (2.0 cr)
· SPAN 3111 - Readings in Spanish I [HUM] (2.0 cr)
· SPAN 3112 - Readings in Spanish II [HUM] (2.0 cr)
· SPAN 3211 - Literature and Culture of Latin America [HUM] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3212 - Literature and Culture of Spain [HUM] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3651 - Seminar: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra's "El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha" [HUM] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3654 - Seminar: Sex, Love, and Marriage in Golden Age Spanish Literature [HUM] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3681 - Seminar: Romanticism and Revolution in 19th-Century Spain [HUM] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3682 - Seminar: Realism and Reform in 19th-Century Spain [HUM] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3683 - Seminar: Modernity and Identity in Spain, 1900-1930 [HUM] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3684 - Seminar: Hispanic Film [HUM] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3685 - Seminar: Slavery and Abolition in Cuban Literature and Culture [IP] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3686 - Seminar: Writing History in Spanish American Literature [HUM] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 3687 - Seminar: Afro-Hispanic Literature and Culture [HDIV] (4.0 cr)
· SPAN 4001 - Research Symposium [HUM] (4.0 cr)
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