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Coaching Minor

Health, Physical Education & Recreation
College of Education and Human Service Professions
  • Program Type: Undergraduate free-standing minor
  • Requirements for this program are current for Spring 2013
  • Required credits in this minor: 21
The coaching minor program prepares graduates to coach in a variety of sites, including schools, public agencies, and youth organizations. The curriculum prepares students to assess, plan, administer, and instruct student athletes. The coaching minor meets or exceeds the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) standards for coaching, with emphasis in coaching and administrative theory, psychology, medical and nutritional concerns, risk management, and skill development. Requirements and admission applications can be obtained from the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER). Postbaccalaureate students seeking a coaching minor should have their transcript evaluated by the HPER department.
Program Delivery
This program is available:
  • via classroom (the majority of instruction is face-to-face)
Minor Requirements
Coaching Minor Courses (17 cr)
CC 3117 - Functional Anatomy and Sport Injury Management (3.0 cr)
CC 3150 - Coaching Methods (3.0 cr)
CC 3160 - Psychological Aspects of Coaching and Athletic Performance (3.0 cr)
CC 3161 - Administrative Aspects of Coaching (3.0 cr)
CC 3997 - Coaching Practicum (2.0 cr)
ESAT 2400 - Applied Exercise Science (3.0 cr)
Electives (4 cr)
Take 4 or more credit(s) from the following:
· CC 3170 - Coaching and Officiating Football (2.0 cr)
· CC 3171 - Coaching and Officiating Basketball (2.0 cr)
· CC 3172 - Coaching and Officiating Volleyball (2.0 cr)
· CC 3173 - Coaching and Officiating Baseball (2.0 cr)
· CC 3174 - Coaching and Officiating Soccer (2.0 cr)
· CC 3175 - Coaching and Officiating Ice Hockey (2.0 cr)
· CC 3178 - Coaching and Officiating Track and Field (2.0 cr)
· CC 3179 - Coaching and Officiating Softball (2.0 cr)
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